How Many EVs Can Use Level 3 Charging? (CCS / CHAdeMO)

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Of all 46 plug-in passenger vehicles and SUVs that have been sold in the US in the last decade, 10 models can use CCS or CHAdeMO “fast charging” from the factory.

The Chevy Bolt EV does offer a premium trim that comes with a CCS charging port, but the base model only has Level 2 charging. Tesla owners can purchase a large $450 adapter to use with CHAdeMO stations, but they are typically slower and more expensive than Tesla’s proprietary “Supercharger” version of Level 3 stations.

See below for a full list of electric cars that can use Level 3 charging. This list was last updated in June 2018.

US Plug-In Models Can Use Volta Level 2 J1772 Can Use Level 3 CHAdeMO/ CCS
Audi A3 – eTron Yes No
BMW 330e Yes No
BMW 530e* Yes No
BMW 740e Yes No
BMW i8 Yes No
BMW X5 40e* Yes No
Cadillac CT6 PHV Yes No
Cadillac ELR Yes No
Chevy Volt* Yes No
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid* Yes No
Fiat 500E* Yes No
Ford Cmax Energi Yes No
Ford Fusion Energi* Yes No
Honda Clarity PHEV* Yes No
Honda Fit EV Yes No
Hyundai Sonata PHV Yes No
Kia Optima PHV Yes No
Mercedes B-Class EV Yes No
Mercedes C350e Yes No
Mercedes GLE 550E Yes No
Mercedes S550H PHV Yes No
Mini Countryman S E PHV Yes No
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV* Yes Yes
Porsche 918 Spyder Yes No
Porsche Cayenne S-E Yes No
Porsche PanameraS-E Yes No
Smart ED Yes No
Toyota Prius PHV Yes No
Toyota Prius Prime* Yes No
Toyota RAV4 Yes No
Volvo XC60 Yes No
Chevy Bolt EV* Yes Some
Tesla Model S* With free adapter With $450 adapter
Tesla Model X* With free adapter With $450 adapter
Tesla Roadster With free adapter With $450 adapter
Tesla Model 3* With free adapter With $600 adapter
BMW i3* Yes Yes
Chevy Spark EV Yes Yes
Ford Focus Electric (CA only) Yes Yes
Honda Accord PHV Yes Yes
Honda Clarity BEV* Yes Yes
Hyundai Ioniq EV Yes Yes
KIA Soul EV Yes Yes
Mitsubishi i-Miev Yes Yes
Nissan LEAF* Yes Yes
VW eGolf Yes Yes

*Top 15 Best-Selling Plugin in 2018

Overall, about 30% of all plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. can use DCFC CCS  or CHAdeMO Level 3 charging. For more information about Level 2 versus Level 3 charging and a complimentary analysis of which type fits best with a specific location, please reach out to our site partnerships team.