Volta Marks Zero Emissions Day By Delivering its 25 Millionth Free Mile

By September 21, 2018Uncategorized

Volta Charging stations at the Oracle Arena / Oakland Coliseum in the Northern California market.

Together, Volta partners and drivers have surpassed a significant milestone of 25 million free, electric miles delivered across our network of charging stations.

This notable milestone translates into obvious benefits to drivers of electric vehicles   (EVs), but also represents significant benchmarks and value to Volta site partners and, of course, the environment at large.

Site partners (the malls, markets and stadiums that have installed Volta charging stations) have seen particularly compelling results. Using charging sessions as a proxy for visits, installing a free Volta station can be associated with a 64% increase in EV driving customer visits to a Volta retail partner location. Charging users have also spent more than 2 million hours shopping at Volta partner retail sites, while topping off for free. In short, they are visiting more and staying longer, rewarding Volta Charging site partners with more business.

Those 25 million free miles also represent over 550,000 gallons of gas saved and nearly 11 million pounds of CO2 offset. The environmental benefit of that offset is equivalent to planting more than 125,000 trees.

“The EV drivers who utilize Volta Charging stations are already a step ahead in their individual commitment to zero emissions,” said Scott Mercer, CEO, Volta. “Volta is proud to do our part for the environment, and the planet, each and every day, especially today, on this 10 year anniversary of Zero Emissions Day.”

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  • steven berger says:

    Way to go VOLTA! More free miles means less co2 for all of us to breathe. I have now driven 30,000 gas free miles on my electric cars and will never go back to the ICE.